1. Share the Campaign on Social Media

Show your support with Africa as they protect rhinos and elephants from illegal ivory poaching. Share your #BeforeIts2Late image on your social media profiles with the hashtag #Dinos4Rhinos and $1 for every share will be donated to WildAid's rhino program.


2. Ask World Leaders to #JoinTheHerd

Tweet at world leaders, influencers and decision makers to #JoinTheHerd using our tweet tool. We’ve made significant progress in the past year to stop the ivory trade. Now ask world leaders to speak out and encourage their communities to never buy or accept rhino horn.

3. Share the #Dinos4Rhinos PSA

We all have the power to stand up for rhinos. It starts with creating your own #Dinos4Rhinos photo and can continue by helping us to spread the word about the plight of rhinos. Share our PSA and other #Dinos4Rhinos materials to help bring awareness to the situation. 

4. Ask your friends and family to #JoinTheHerd

We’ve made significant progress in the past year to stop the rhino horn trade – thanks in part to people around the world speaking out and encouraging friends and family never to buy or accept rhino horn. This destructive trade can only be ended if it can no longer operate in the shadows. So create your own “herd” with your social media friends and followers! Let’s make this a worldwide phenomenon.

6. Be Informed

Luckily, there are people just like you working to change laws and stop the rhino horn and ivory trade that perpetuates the poaching crisis.

Stay informed and learn more about new developments, this site will become a center for resources to complement the online grassroots work of our fellow wildlife advocates. For more information, visit WildAid.org.