#JoinTheHerd began life in 2015 as a global movement to end the illegal trade in ivory.

It invited activists, NGOs, celebrities, governments and the general public to #JoinTheHerd, to stand up for elephants and end the illegal ivory trade.

The award-winning campaign contributed to China’s historic decision to ban the ivory trade in 2017, and also worked closely with the Kenyan government when it burned more than 100 tonnes of ivory in 2016.

The campaign later expanded to mobilize support for rhino protection, and has now transformed itself into a global campaign to protect all African wildlife and end wildlife trafficking.

Today, campaigns are underway in Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Uganda, Tanzania and across Southern Africa. We are working to protect elephants, lions, rhinos, pangolins, leopards and cheetahs, to combat poaching and end the illegal bushmeat trade in protected species.

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